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Green Backdrop

we don't just talk about it.
we do it.

Here at EHA we take sustainability very seriously. As a complete cohort, we are committed to making positive environmental changes, understanding our social responsibility to combat climate change and constantly find ways to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our investment in such practice has recently received recognition from EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings.

Achieving a coveted Gold EcoVadis Medal for our initiatives places EHA among the top 5 percent of companies assessed by EcoVadis, which has a global network of more than 85,000 rated companies in over 160 countries, spanning over 200 industries.

Green Backdrop
Energy Farm


As informed by our electrical supplier, we are confident that we can source our electricity entirely from eco-friendly,
sustainable sources. We have recently installed solar panels covering our entire roof space. A large 260 square meters. Additionally we have replaced one forklift
already to electric, and will soon be replacing our other, removing the need for gas cylinders. Ultimately, lowering our carbon footprint in collaboration with our
energy supplier.

Green Backdrop
Pile of Logs


We design with the environment in mind, ensuring materials have longevity and are
sustainably sourced. We source materials from Forest Stewardship Council®️ - FSC®️ certified companies, ensuring materials are renewable and respect both forest biodiversity and social/economic forest management. We ensure materials are durable and are able to withstand different temperatures and weather conditions. Making for a lasting installation. Lights and sound systems are designed so that they can be turned off at anytime.

Green Backdrop
Laser Cutting


We have invested in high-tech machinery such
as CNC machines and lasers, with which we
lay out the products to cut them as efficiently
as possible, resulting in a low waste rate. When it comes to print, Latex inks are 70% water based, they can be recycled more easily. They are not flammable, do not contain any hazardous air pollutants and are also nickel-free. In our paint spray department, we have our own mixing machines, only mixing the amount of paint required to avoid waste. By making energy efficient changes to our manufacturing methods and changing to greener consumables, we have eliminated the risk of accidental pollution. We adhere stringently to the responsible disposal methods of all our waste.

Green Backdrop


In the last two years we have swapped 4 of our vehicles to electric. We aim to grow our fleet of electric vehicles and are constantly reviewing our methods to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions
associated with deliveries. We link deliveries, collections and installs together to reduce journeys.

Green Backdrop
Boxes on Conveyor Roller


Our core packing materials are recycled paper packing tape and biodegradable bubble wrap, as well as recycled cardboard edging.

We ensure we are reduced packaging – packing items densely to reduce excessive packaging.

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