Client: Selfridges

Brand: Christmas 2014

Location: Selfridges Oxford Street 4th floor

Brief: We received the brief on Christmas very early in the year of 2013, the client ‘Selfridges’ wanted to change the way that they looked at Christmas this year and so wanted to start early. Christmas has usually been an event that takes place in the ‘ultralounge’ of Selfridges, this is a basement space that is a large room. This usually creates a spectacular space, although tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main store. This year they wanted to make a much bigger presence of the Christmas store and so wanted it to take up a whole floor of the store. The chosen floor was the 4th floor. This was going to be a very large task, of course all of the existing furniture form the 4th floor would have to temporarily re-housed before we could even begin work on the Christmas shop fixtures, a very large task.

We were given a creative brief on the project, they wanted the main wall and floor units to have a Nordic feel whilst incorporating lights to make the stock twinkle and glisten. The colour pallet was a pale cream but placed next to the white washed ‘nordic’ wood effect and the highly sparkling stock this would lift the whole area. The simple unitary would also help to alliviate the stock and raise its presence in store.

Result: The Christmas store received much praise and press that was all very positive and complimentary. The store looked fantastic and really achieved exactly what the store anticipated. The hype of the opening and the unveiling of the shop worked perfectly. The unitary really complimented the stock as you felt the Nordic and rustic feel of the units next to the shiny sparkly Christmas products.