Turning Your Concept into a Reality

Every outstanding display or superlative piece of craftsmanship you’ve encountered is a perfected product of a great idea. However, turning your idea into a tangible, tactile creation is another challenge in itself and that’s why our clients rely on Emerald House Associates to bring an idea to life.

To create your end result to the highest satisfaction, our process requires a combination of collaboration, innovation, skill and confidence. Here is what you can expect as we turn your concept into something extraordinary.


Research and Industry Insight

With close, collective collaboration and taking advantage of our clients’ industry insight, we interrogate who exactly the target market is. We tap into their conscience, establishing where and how they will be encountering the product and what will influence their decision.

Moreover, it’s establishing what your industry competitors are doing, and surpassing it. This vital knowledge informs what makes your product stand out within a market that’s already saturated with diverse creations. We hone in on your USP and make this a key factor of your overall project.


Concept Designs

The design process is where we enjoy exploring your product’s potential. We collaborate to create, ensuring designs are in-keeping with customer briefs through sketches, sample boards and 3D photorealistic renderings.

As part of a new POS installation to promote their new scent Hero, Burberry designed a horse for us to bring to life in 3D form. By creating a digital render, we helped the brand to see their design from every angle prior to 3D print, ensuring it would match their dramatic TV campaign.

We also take into account your technical and budget requirements whether that’s manufacturing methods, choice of material and designing with sustainability in mind.


Building your Prototype

It’s one thing to have an idea work on paper, but it’s another for it to work in practice. Prototyping therefore allows you to assess your product’s functionality, scalability and suitability for purpose. This way you can iron out any kinks so that the final product will be the finest possible quality prior to rollout.

At this stage, your design is constructed using 3D printing or other prototyping techniques. We can use materials such as plastic, rubber and metal dependent on your requirements, and our Fortus 450mc 3D Production System means that our models are able to have movable parts and embossed detail.

This is when your product starts to feel real and there’s every reason to be excited.


Printing and Manufacture

Let our qualified leading experts and state-of-the-art in-house facilities do the work for you.

As your full-service design, print and build partner, our capabilities include large format print, 3D print, metal working, acrylic manufacturing and spraying.

With the latest equipment at our disposal, we can conveniently create a variety of bespoke outcomes to meet all requirements using a vast range of substrates.


Distribution and Illustration

Finally, it’s up to our dedicated distribution and installations department to support our clients with the final set up of a project, our seamless installation management making it entirely hassle-free.

Our team consists of a wide range of professionals, including carpenters, shopfitters and certified electricians who ensure all installs are completed safely and to the highest standard.


Do you have an exciting concept to explore? Challenge Emerald House Associates to make your vision a reality by emailing us at info@emeraldhouse.co.uk or call us on 01536 411295