Installations always need to make an instant, impactful impression. Attention to detail must be meticulous, with every element, decoration, and prop finished with a flourish. That’s why we’re lucky to have our talented team of dedicated installers.

Our installation team consists of a wide range of professionals, including carpenters and shopfitters who ensure all bespoke projects are completed safely and to the highest standard.

We provide our clients with an extensive installation offering which includes tailormade design display and pop-ups, hand-crafted visual merchandising, impactful POS installations as well as multi-site global roll-outs, all completed on time.

Not to forget our certified electricians who are key players in projects which involve signage and innovative illumination installations.

EHA Installs Kylie Cosmetics

We also bring sustainability into our installs, ensuring materials are durable and able to withstand different temperatures and weather conditions. Making for a lasting installation. Lights and sound systems are also designed to be turned off at any time, just leave it to our trusted team.

With no two projects ever being the same, and the overall finish being the ultimate, crucial stage in the process, rest assured that EHA’s expert installation team are up to the challenge having worked on countless installs in our 25 years of service.

Our prolific, prestigious portfolio of clients includes iconic leading luxury big brands and world-renowned retailers, so you’re bound to have encountered or engaged with an EHA installation in your time. To see how we can help you with your next project, give EHA a call for your next install.