Masters of Retail Displays: How to Elevate Your Window Displays

Retail windows displays aren’t to be underestimated. If anything, there’s a distinct psychology behind the most iconic and successful displays you’ve ever encountered.

Memorable visual merchandising can come down to how effectively your brand is telling its story, the sheer uniqueness of your display, or even something as simple as colour choice. At EHA we’ve refined this thinking, understanding what draws in customers and how best to captivate their attention.


Why should you invest time and effort in your window display?

Ultimately, window displays are the best reflection of your brand and when done well, have the power to produce profit. By choosing the right product, and housing and exhibiting it in a creative way, you have the opportunity to increase your footfall by stopping shoppers in their tracks with your wonderful window display.

You may have a large space to work with, but there’s only a small window to catch their attention, so the message you’re communicating is imperative.

Our long-established client Selfridges tasked EHA with building a pop-up for The Bike Shop. A collaboration with Smartech, they found innovative ways to promote their range of bicycles, e-bikes and e-motorbikes by playing with levels, product positioning and providing a view of the shop interior.


How to create a window display with impact

There are several simple techniques which you can employ in the hopes of generating interest and maximising your window display’s exposure.

Consider Positioning – If you have a particular product on show, ensure it’s at eye level so it’s that very first introduction to your shop.

Don’t Overcrowd – Whilst it can be tempting to include as many products as possible in your display, how will your customers be able to focus on one when they’re all battling for attention? Think less is more and choose your priority products.

Tell an Engaging Story – For your display to really resonate, it has to tell its own narrative. This could be choosing a theme to link a whole suite of products together, or perhaps providing a photo opportunity so that passers-by will want to pause, engage and share your display across social media. Word of mouth remains a relevant marketing tool here, so have fun with it.

Find the Light – Lighting and illuminating your display in the right way is essential. You can do this through individual spotlights, ambient lighting to illuminate the whole space or accent lighting to highlight a preferred point of interest.

Align with your Online Presence – Strengthen your brand identity by creating a cohesive campaign that works physically and digitally. Inspire a catchy hashtag to bring the two together and cross promote both platforms.


Working with luxury watch retailer Bell & Ross, we were tasked with bringing their arcade window to life in London’s Burlington Arcade.

Designed with the consumer in mind and taking inspiration from the shop’s Swiss timepieces made for professional pilots and divers, this innovative idea involved a chic backdrop featuring a branded world map.

Plus, products were kept to a minimum, with an island display and individual spotlights in the centre to allow the shop’s bestseller to shine bright.

So if you’re looking to stand out on the high street and increase your customer footfall by the thousands, get in touch with Emerald House Associates on 01536 411295.