Fly High with an Impactful Airport Display

As air travel is set to soar even more with billions of passengers travelling abroad, it’s crucial for big brands to capitalise on the possible reach and exposure amongst busy jetsetters.

A surge in passenger traffic, combined with duty free fashionistas and increasing consumer confidence can make for ample opportunity to put your brand in the spotlight and convert passing passengers into purchasers.

With a roster of many airport activations and departure lounge displays to Emerald House Associates’ name, the sky’s the limit for your POS potential. Learn from our top tips to creating an eye-catching installation.


Let There Be Light

What better way to stand out from the crowd by shining brightly? Lighting and illuminations automatically capture the eye, creating a visual pathway to steer your customers and tell your brand story.

Thrilled at the opportunity to work alongside Calvin Klein to assist with promoting the brand’s latest Defy fragrance, our client required an installation that would thrust their fragrance to the forefront. Defying client expectations, the EHA team took this idea even further by creating a larger-than-life 3D replica, cut out of MDF panel. The impactful bottle outline was then rebated and illuminated to create a highlighted halo effect, creating an unmissable display.


All About the Brand

When surrounded by so many big brands competing for consumer attention, it’s pivotal for your branding to be bold and clear from an early encounter.

Capturing the eye of every modern man, Calvin Klein’s Defy display includes an illuminated header logo, allowing the brand name to be the focal point of view – directly in the eyeline of discerning travellers and frequent flyers.

Our work also extended to the display counter, featuring an acrylic pane with the logo sandwiched between, giving the design additional dimension and impact.


Engage with an Experience

Before passengers are due to fly high, try an installation that’s even higher on interaction.

If you’re able to provide an experience that’s either immersive or provides added-value, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

One of our favourites, EHA enjoyed providing air passengers with the VIP treatment alongside their sporting heroes in this football-inspired installation.

Partnering with our teammates at Ratcliffe Fowler for this Cadbury creation, thousands of daily air travellers had the opportunity to be snapped shoulder to shoulder with their favourite football sports stars, coming away with a keepsake to share on socials and create that point of conversation.


If you’re looking to take your airport installation to new heights, talk to the airport activation expects at EHA by calling 01536 411295.