Client: Alive Products

Brand: Onsen

Location: Selfridges London


Emerald House was appointed by Alive products to design, build and install a temporary site in Selfridges London for their new brand Onsen.

Alive products wanted to incorporate strong branding & graphic imagery to create brand awareness due to the build being in a prime location in Selfridges.

The space had to incorporate the interactive elements for the consultants on site to demonstrate the Creams & lotions to the customers so they could experience before they buy.

Alive products wanted to incorporate lighting onto the site to enhance the products along with the colour blue as Onsen branding is associated with blue.


The site received great feedback and had an impactful effect resulting in the site once finished in Selfridges being installed in The Netherlands as a permanent unit.

The backwall was a feature unit incorporating white LED lighting around the product to enhance the merchandise. Blue LED lighting was used around the plinths to give the impression of the units floating and to incorporate the brand colours. The use of acrylic panels on the central unit was implemented to give the impression of running water which helped to link the unit and the product together. Two large double sided lighboxes was used to the left and right hand side of the central unit to show graphic identity. This worked well as the site was visible from all locations including above from the escalators so the corporate logo was also used on top the units.

Two demonstration areas for the consultants to demonstrate the products to the customer was provided on the central unit along with storage, small bowls to wash hands, bins and recess for tissues etc to make it practical as well as an appealing unit.

The site was a success and Emerald House have now completed other Onsen units for other sites in The Netherlands.