Client: P&G


Location: National worldwide exclusive, in every UK airport


After the smash success of last year’s worldwide exclusive for Boss Ma Vie, P&G approached us again to implement their next anniversary promotion with a Worldwide exclusive for Gucci Bamboo.

Once again the brief was that for this worldwide launch almost all sites in the UK would have to be installed on one evening. This is a simultaneous promotion that requires strategic and dedicated planning. The brief for this project was great for us as there was a lot of development work for us to do. This is a produce that we would be launching, it had never been seen before so we were right at the forefront. This meant we were able to develop lots of items that featured Gucci’s iconic Bamboo feature, this time though they wanted to show it as metallised to give it a modern twist. There were several items that we needed to develop including all metallised bamboo and 3d logos, Counter tester units (CTU’s) and large metal cage bottles.

We worked to create a modular style system for the bamboo rods and logos which meant they could be used on every style and shape of site. Individual piece were vac formed and then chrome plated to create a beautiful finish that as I say could be pieced together for use on any size of site. We also developed CDU’s which were vac formed and chrome plated, both of these items in our design are currently being rolled out worldwide, something we are extremely proud of.

Another item we developed and are subsequently rolling out worldwide are the ‘giant cage bottles’ these are stunning polished stainless steel frames in the shape of the bamboo bottle. They are beautiful pieces of art, a real show stopped.

Every single department of EHA has been involved in this project, including all of our associated companies including, design, CAD, carpentry, print and graphics, spray, metalwork, acrylics manufacture H&S and installations.

This enormous undertaking consisted of a total of over 100 bespoke promotional sites of various sizes and complexity throughout every terminal in the country. This is a huge undertaking for any company in the POS sector, it required great planning and project management skills. At EHA we never shy away from a challenge and we took this on board and did everything possible to ensure this was a complete success.