Client: Alive Products

Brand: Curls For Girls

Location: Harrods London


Alive Products appointed Emerald House from previous projects to design, build and install a new site for Curls for Girls in Harrods London.

Curls for Girls was a new brand for Alive Products which was to be tested on the market for the first time in children’s department in Harrods.

The unit had be appealing to the eye and attract customers to the site as well as being practical by having the working hair appliances within the unit, storage for products & space for customers to sit at. The client wanted the unit to have curves to create interest and the lighting was an important key to the unit, the products had to be highlighted and the logo was required to be illuminated to give exposure to the brand from afar.

The Curls for Girls unit had to meet the requirements from Harrods such as sizes, materials and the specification for the electrics.


The unit was a success by providing a striking unit within the Children’s department.

The site had two areas for consultants to demonstrate on with large illuminated mirrors for the customers to look into. The unit was finished in a high quality white gloss seamless spray paint with a premium glass top. The 3D logo was sprayed to the specific pantone colours and illuminated to stand out. The unit provided two working areas with the removable hair appliances recessed into the top of the unit with an H&S hinged cover to avoid children touching the hot element of the appliances. The products were highlighted by spotlights in the recessed shelving. Bright purple stools were used to add colour to the unit along with the colourful logo. The site is completed with a moveable storage shelving unit sitting in-between the large unit that can be moved to different locations on the site.

Showcards and literature were created by Emerald House for offers and details of the products